голубая лисица (kitschyfox) wrote in lo_philes,
голубая лисица

a collection of lolita & lolita-esque photos i've found
randomly scattered around the internet & put together.

enjoy. <3
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thank you much
Awesome pictures, thank you!
Thanks a LOT!
great post!
can i ask where you got the coca cola bottle ones? and the magazine shoot quoting passages in the book?

thanks for this!
The photographer is Frank Herholdt.
some really neat pictures there, thanks so much for sharing. Would you mind my asking where the last, and third last come from? (and/or who the photographer is).
Lolita in the movie(s) titled "Lolita", at least all those stills from, suck. These pics don't touch the surface only of what a real lolita triggers. This is cinema. Looking for more powerfully suggestive images !
Powerfully suggestive? Should I have posted a twelve year old giving a 40 year old man a blowjob? My intentions with posting these photos wasn't to say "THIS IS WHAT TRUE LOLITAS ARE AND NOTHING ELSE" so please, do get over it.